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ICROSS Canada’s mandate has been, since its inception in 1998, to help those who suffer and haven’t access to basic food, education, skills, and supplies. My parents began ICROSS Canada in an effort to support mostly women and children throughout the world who are in need.

Today, ICROSS Canada continues to initiate and support projects for health and education.  In the past 8 years, since my father passed away, we have continued to be very busy. Our first effort without him included opening a free health clinic in 2015 that was very kindly named by the local people, The William Willbond Clinic in Ma’in Jordan. He would have liked that.

Currently, ICROSS Canada supports a number of health and educational projects around the world. We partner with local people, to equip them in looking after and teaching their own communities. Our philosophy is that by supporting people close to their homes, in partnership with people who speak their language and understand their culture, communities can heal faster from the devastation of poverty, conflict or natural disaster.

As always, no one at ICROSS Canada is paid. We are all volunteers.

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