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ICROSS Canada became a registered charity on 1 October 1998. To date, ICROSS Canada has collected and shipped millions of dollars worth of medical supplies to East Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. ICROSS Canada has also distributed hundreds of thousands of IZZY dolls that were made by Canadians to comfort children in crisis. 


1. Medical Clinics

Serving people through supporting and resourcing local physicians, dentists, midwives, and nurses to care for displaced women and children. We also support through nutrition programs and direct food donations. By restoring and maintaining health, people will be better able to rebuild their cities and towns when they are able to return home. 


2. Education Solutions

As a result of war and other disasters, many children have been without education for up to 7 years. ICROSS Canada and partners support programmes to support and resource local teachers to educate children. We use creative methods of catching up students who have otherwise no hope of an education.


3. Vocational Programmes

ICROSS Canada has a long history of supporting initiatives to develop skills in poor people throughout the world. We partner with local and International groups to "teach a person to fish..." so that people can support their own families for years to come. Our current programmes involve resourcing and supporting the development of sewing, computers, health/beauty and carpentry skills. 

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