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The New Clinic in Ammon Has Arrived!

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Helping to Ease Suffering and Starvation in the Philippines

The Philippines is experiencing one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in Asia. There is a renewed surge in COVID-19 cases driven by the highly infectious Delta variant. Total confirmed cases have risen to more than 1.93 million, while deaths have reached 33,008. Amidst all of this, families are struggling to recover, grieve, find work and meet the basic necessities of life.

ICROSS Canada hopes to send funding support 50 families. In order to accomplish this, we are partnering with a church whose outreach arm is called the Amazing Hope Outreach Network.

We are asking people to support the project by giving 1 days worth of food. A meal in the Philippines costs $1.08 Canadian, with three meals a day = $3.24 Canadian. We have so far sent $1000 to help with the immediate need.

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